[Blaster-fans] Welcome to Blaster-fans

John J. Irwin jji at cgl.ucsf.edu
Mon Apr 2 17:04:59 PDT 2007

Dear Blaster-fans

DOCK Blaster is a free web-based virtual screening facility, currently 
in alpha test. 'Alpha test' means that it has nearly all the  features 
of the first release, and works, at least superficially, on many test 
systems, but still has numerous problems. For example, various features 
may be broken or unavailable at any particular moment. i.e. suggested 
first remedy: try again tomorrow.

If you would like to participate in the alpha test of DOCK Blaster, 
please send an email to support at docking.org. If you don't like to work 
on the bleeding edge, there will be a separate call for beta testers in 
the summer, when the system should be much more stable. This is not a 
universal invitation. You are receiving this because you subscribed 
yourself to 'blaster-fans'. Preference will be given to participants who 
are in a position to experimentally test compounds suggested by DOCK 

'Blaster-fans at docking.org' will be used to support and discuss DOCK 
Blaster. We aim to build up a community of expert users who can offer 
advice to others. Blaster-fans complements our existing lists 
'dock-fans' for UCSF DOCK and docking in general, and 'zinc-fans' for 
the ZINC database.

Greetings from San Francisco.


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