[Blaster-fans] Fwd: Dock Blaster difficulties

chris.neale at utoronto.ca chris.neale at utoronto.ca
Wed Apr 28 09:39:31 PDT 2010

I am Chris Neale, working with Regis Pomes at the University of Toronto,
Canada. I am new to docking and this seems to be a nice tool to get
started, but I am having some difficulties.

I have attempted to follow your tutorial, but am unable to find any
results for poses. My job results are here:


The poses and scores page contains no information:


I suspect that no poses of sufficiently low energy were found
(although that surprises me since this was the first test case from
your tutorial -- PDB 1N46 leaving all options at defaults). If this is
the case, then I suggest that you put a simple message at the top of
the output... I'm really new to this and the header line "debug
n_actives 0 n_inactives 0 n_similar 47 n_decoys 103 nrandom 0
n_extrema 0" is fairly unintuitive to me.

Finally, the subset 12, tani90%, etc links all lead to an error page.
In this case, the error message that I received was:

500 Internal Server Error

Sorry, something has gone wrong.

Please write to support at docking.org explaining what you were doing so
we can try to fix this problem.

Thank you - we appreciate your help.


Please note that I first sent this to support at docking.org as indicated  
on your website error message (see above), but that this was bounced  
back to me so I also suggest that you modify that error message.

Thank you,

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