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Gareth Williams gareth.2.williams at kcl.ac.uk
Fri Sep 13 08:26:35 PDT 2002

I'm trying to run dock on a validation set of protein:compound crystals.
Starting with just one complex I take the protein pdb file and generate a 
mol2 file with the openeye molcharge application (an empty line before the 
atom records has to be deleted). I take the compound pdb file and do the 
same (a SUBSTRUCUTE entry has to be added here). The box pdb file is such 
that it encompasses the bound compound. I take 5 spheres per probe within 
this box to generate a sph file.

I set up the grid.in and dock.in files as for the first run in the DOCK4.0 
user manual and run GRID and DOCK. The DOCK calculation takes ~0.02 seconds 
and the nrg file has the ligand 77 angstoms away from the protein target.

Any suggestions as to why the ligand is outside the box?


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