[Dock-fans] What does Dock 5.0 give in terms of results?

Sam Chen dreamcarrior at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 12 21:28:16 PDT 2005

Dear all users,
I am new to Dock program.  May someone answer me "what can I get out of
dock?"  I just ran tutorial included in the installation file, and what
I got from the output file was the following, (I just attached the

Molecule: UNNAMED

 Anchors:		1
 Orientations:		500
 Conformations:		45

 Energy Score:           -1.INF00
          vdw:           -1.INF00

1 Molecules Processed
Elapsed time:	98.296 seconds

Since I am using windows xp, and I installed cygwin for this process. 
i would like to know is there an output pdb file that i can visualize
the result in a pdb viewer? And if not, how can I generate one so that
I can visualize them?

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