[Dock-fans] "DOCK flexibase" format included in Zinc database.

Roberto Vera Alvares roberto.vera at biocomp.cigb.edu.cu
Wed Aug 31 12:59:12 PDT 2005

  I have Dock version 4 and I want to use the "DOCK flexibase" format included in Zinc database.
  I have been reading the dock manual and I can't found anything.
  Could any one tell me some information or where can I found this information?
  Which are the advantages of this format?

 Thanking in advance,

   Lic. Roberto Vera Alvarez
    Grupo de Bioinformatica
     CIGB, La Habana, Cuba.
roberto.vera at biocomp.cigb.edu.cu
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  en un grano de maiz.
                  J. Marti
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