[Dock-fans] compiling dock4.0 on linux

Kristin Lynne Meagher kmeagher at umich.edu
Wed Feb 16 18:33:45 PST 2005

Hi.  I'm trying to compile dock 4.0.1 on linux and get the following error
message (the first of many).  Could someone give me a hand?



f77 -O2    -c -o addprh.o addprh.f
addprh.f: In program `addprh':
         if ((chr.ne.'p').and.(chr.ne.'P').and.(chr.ne.'a').and.
                 1   2
Equality operator at (1) must operate on two scalar (not array)
subexpressions, two function invocations returning arithmetic or character
scalars, or a combination of both -- but the subexpression at (2) is an

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