[Dock-fans] DOCK and USFC QUIMERA

Terry Lang terry at cgl.ucsf.edu
Mon Nov 7 10:53:43 PST 2005

Dear Guilherme,

          Unfortunately, UCSF Chimera does not call DOCK or any of its 
accessories yet.  You can link the accessories in, but you need to write 
some python code to communicate between the programs.  We have been 
working with the Chimera team to get this implemented, but it will still 
be several months to a year before all of the functionality is available. 
        In the mean time, using Cygwin is truly not that difficult, even 
for a novice user.  It uses the same commands as a Unix shell.   There 
are several books available, including "Linux for Dummies" by Dee-Ann 
LeBlanc, with descriptions of how to run shells and cheat-sheets of 
commonly used commands. 


Guilherme de Souza Lima Brito wrote:

>Hi all:
>Unfortunately and definitively I don't know how to work with CygWin...So I have my 
>last "stupid'n'idiot" question:
>May DOCK (or any of its internal resources) works under Win32 USFC CHIMERA. Is there 
>any way to "link" both programs/resources, at Win2K environment?
>May be Terry answer me...
>Please, apologize me fellows, but I still being a Windows incorrigible user... 
>Thank you, everybody!!!
>Guilherme Souza Lima Brito, M.Sc.
>Inteligência Artificial.
>Programa de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computação-COPPE-UFRJ.
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