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hi there,
  I also observed the same phenomenon, however, I think a small difference in scores for different runs is just fine. You should also check if the number of conformations sampling is similar in both batch run and single molecule run. I guess this may also affect the score.
  Regarding the IC50 thing, in my opinion, we should not rely much on IC50 but the Ki. This is especially the case when the inhibition is non-complete (partial inhibition). When the inhibition is strong (at very low molar concentration of inhibitors) but it could only inhibit 49% of the total activity when saturated, then we cant find the IC50 value, but we do get the Ki.
  Please correct me if I am wrong 

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  Dear sir,
I docked a database today using dock5.3. However, I find energy Score is not uniform with IC50.So I extract one molecular from the database and then docking in the same condition.The result is the energy Score is different from the energy Score in database. Why?
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