[Dock-fans] error in OUTSPH with sphgen

Terry Lang terry at cgl.ucsf.edu
Mon Oct 3 11:57:31 PDT 2005

Dear Dominic,
          While you are more than welcome to use the accessories, you 
should be able to select a subsection of the protein using a 
visualization program. 
          Also, so you know, the accessories like the condense program, 
are considered out of date and should be used with discretion.  We 
continue to distribute the source code for our long-time users, but we 
no longer support them or distribute the compiled versions.


Dominic Pilon wrote:

>Thanks Terry,
>So to generate a smaller molecular surface I guess I need to use the 
>accessories... I've read that the condense program could help me whit that. 
>So I am trying to install all the accessories but cannot find the executable 
>files (only the .f for the condense or the .h for others...)
>So I know it is a little basic but could someone tell me how to install it 
>properly (I'm on linux suse pro 9.3 by the way)

P. Therese Lang
Kuntz and James Labs
UCSF--Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Phone: (415)476-3986


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