[Dock-fans] installing DMS

Le Tien Dung letiendzung at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 5 17:39:50 PDT 2005

Hello friends
I extracted by sh <dms.shar into a folder name DMS
I change the directory in the GNUmakefile as
# LIBDIR is the directory where a 'dms' subdirectory will be created,
# in which the server binary (dmsd) and various support files will be installed
LIBDIR  = c:/ledt/dms/lib
# BINDIR is the directory where the dms binary will be installed
BINDIR  = c:/ledt/dms/bin
and type "make install" in cygwin the error comes like this:
bash: make: command not found
I would appreciate your kind help
P/S by the way, I saw three GNUmakefile, 1 in the DMS folder, other in libpdb and dmsd folders, dod I have to do the same with this? (Actually I tried but nothing come better)

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