[Dock-fans] what is the difference between Sybyl PDB format and RCSB PDB format?

RyangGuk Kim RyangGuk.Kim at bioinformatics.buffalo.edu
Mon Oct 3 12:06:50 PDT 2005

i was trying GB/SA scoring with DOCK 5.0, and in the manual i found that protein coordinates including those of polar hydrogens have to be saved as a Sybyl PDB format. but i don't have Sybyl. is it different from the RCSB PDB format? and if i don't have Sybyl, how can i convert the RCSB PDB format into Sybyl PDB format or (since i have pmol2q which converts RCSB PDB format into mol2, pdbq and pdbqs formats with hydrogens and charges data) how can i convert mol2 format into Sybyl PDB format? 

thank you very much.

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