[Dock-fans] installing DMS

Terry Lang terry at cgl.ucsf.edu
Thu Oct 6 13:52:35 PDT 2005

Dear Le,

          What operating system are you using to compile DMS.  It 
appears from your error message that you may not have the "make" 
function installed. 


Le Tien Dung wrote:

> Hello friends
> I extracted by sh <dms.shar into a folder name DMS
> I change the directory in the GNUmakefile as
> /# LIBDIR is the directory where a 'dms' subdirectory will be created,
> # in which the server binary (dmsd) and various support files will be 
> installed
> LIBDIR  = c:/ledt/dms/lib/
> /# BINDIR is the directory where the dms binary will be installed
> BINDIR  = c:/ledt/dms/bin/
> and type "make install" in cygwin the error comes like this:
> bash: make: command not found
> I would appreciate your kind help
> Regards
> LE
> P/S by the way, I saw three GNUmakefile, 1 in the DMS folder, other in 
> libpdb and dmsd folders, dod I have to do the same with this? 
> (Actually I tried but nothing come better)
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