[Dock-fans] partial atomic charges in mol2 files in ZINC

John Irwin jji at cgl.ucsf.edu
Fri Oct 21 13:39:52 PDT 2005

Dear DOCK5 / ZINC-mol2 file users
    The current version of ZINC contains MMFF94 charges rather than AMSOL
partial atomic charges in the mol2 format files. The next version of ZINC
will have AMSOL partial atomic charges. Until the new version is available,
the workaround is to download mol2 files and run them through a program such
as molcharge, part of OpenEye's QuacPac suite. There are other fine programs
that will assign partial atomic charges. This documentation appears on our
web page: http://blaster.docking.org/rtfm/databases.html
Thanks for your interest in DOCK, and ZINC. We hope to have a much improved
version of the database available soon.
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