[Dock-fans] the problem of compling DOCK5.4 on the pa rallel

fralium fralium at 163.com
Wed Jun 21 05:25:18 PDT 2006

hi ,dockers,
  i met some problems.
  i once compiled DOCK5.4 successfully on the parallel,but recently the os of it has changed from reahat 9 to fc5.then i can't compile DOCK5.4 now.not matter 
  the promble code are :"</DIV>
<DIV>   conf_gen.cpp: In member function ‘void AG_Conformer_Search::grow_periphery  (Master_Score&, Simplex_Minimizer&)�<BR>  conf_gen.cpp:524: error: 'conformer_less_than 'was not declared in this scope<BR>  make[1]: *** [conf_gen.o] Error 1"

  so what is the problem?
  can anyone help me?
  if i can't change the os ,what can i do?
  thank you again! 
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