[Dock-fans] what is the format (I5, 3F10.5, F8.3, I5, I2, I3))mean?

fralium fralium at 163.com
Tue May 9 19:53:13 PDT 2006

dear all,
   i start to learn to use this famous program,but i have some problems in using it.would you please help me?
   i want to add my own sphere centers to the ***.sph,but i i don't know how to use the format,(I5, 3F10.5, F8.3, I5, I2, I3)or i don't understand the manul provided by the ucsf.
   i want to know what is the parameter mean?
   any information would be appreciate/
   thank you in advance!
gucas ,china
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