[Dock-fans] About the compile of the DOCK6 and legacy _accessories

fralium fralium at 163.com
Tue Oct 10 19:06:09 PDT 2006

Dear everybody,
  I met problems again!
  I want to compile the parallel version of dock6,I did as the manual,
$ ./configure gnu.parallel
$ export MPICH_HOME=xxx
$ make all
  And I do get dock6.mpi,but the problem is when it still run no one machine,why? It happened on two different linux-cluster!
$mpirun -np 4 dock6.mpi -i dock.in -o dock.out
  Only one machine has the process-dock6.mpi! Can anybody help me?Is it the problem of the machine or the problem of dock,or the problem of my operation?
 and the seconde problem is the legacy_accssories.It's usful,but i don't know how to compile them? I simply type the following command,
$g77 -O *.f
 and then many errors,so how to compile correct?
 Any information would be appreciate! ^-^
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