[Dock-fans] Parallel (MPI) Building Questions

Philip Crawford p.crawford at unsw.edu.au
Mon Oct 30 19:48:26 PST 2006

Dear All,
I've been using Dock up to ver 5.4 on a cluster which only has MPICH installed. Have no mpicxx in the mpi/bin directory. So far, Dock 6
has failed to compile (or, having looked at the manual and at messages on
the list, it's probably the link stage I'm not getting correct).
I've seen references to having CFLAGS include a "-DMPICH_SKIP_MPICXX "
which, having been done, seems to compile the object files.
Should I change the line:
If so, how? Does Dock 6 depend on MPI2 features not available in MPICH 1.x?
Also, does anyone know whether Dock 6 MPI version will compile for SGI MPT?
I've seen JI's reply about compiling on Irix. No point applying for time if
it won't run.
Phil Crawford
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