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The min_anchor_size is the minimum number of atoms used for the anchor. The value of 40 is artificially high. This makes dock use the largest rigid segment of the ligand as the anchor. If you want dock to consider more than one possible anchor, you can reduce this to a smaller size. '6' would likely pick benzene rings as the anchor. However, note that the full anchor and grow procedure is performed for each anchor. This might make docking run much slower, and yield a lot of similar poses. 
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Hello all,


I am trying target a small sub-pocket in a protein.  Will
it be useful to reduce the “min_anchor_size” parameter to 6 in that


The default value is given as 40. I am also curious to
know whether changing this parameter will have any big impact on the results.


Your comments will be very helpful.


Thanks and Regards,

Mohamed Diwan

Graduate student,

University of Kentucky.

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