[Dock-fans] cygwin: aborted (core dumped)

Steven Finckbeiner sfinck187 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 18 14:43:02 PST 2007

Phil: Thanks for the suggestion.  
Do you mean at the time I compile cygwin or DOCK?  
Where do I change the settings at compile?  Steve

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Hi. On Cygwin, the limit, ulimit etc commands have no 
effect.  Things like stacksize need to be set at compile (link) time. (I 
found out this with my brother's help way back.)

If you have access to Visual Studio 6 (or later, probably) 
there is a program with that called EDITBIN.EXE which can modify these 
parameters after compile time.

It is also possible to pass link parameters to gcc, at 
least for stacksize, which was what I needed to increase. But that was a 
stackdump, so your requirements may be different.





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I'm trying 
to dock folate into DHFR.  
My box is as small as the binding 
When I run DOCK in cygwin, I get this:

Initializing Library File 
Routines . . .
Initializing Orienting Routines . . .
Initializing Grid 
Score Routines . . .
   Reading the energy grid from 
Error: memory exhausted!
   For Unix platforms 
increase the datasize, stacksize, and
   memoryuse using the limit, 
ulimit, or unlimit commands.
Aborted (core dumped)

I have the full 
install of cygwin and I can't find any of these commands.  When I ran 
showbox I didn't add any extra space.  I can't make it any smaller.  
Any ideas?


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