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Steven Finckbeiner sfinck187 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 20 19:30:05 PST 2007

Scott's fix worked like a charm.  Once you get the kinks out this thing is really amazing.  Thanks to everyone who helped me get started.  

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Scott, Steven,
The standard stacksize limit for Windows executables is 1 MB. It's built
into the executable, not the Cygwin environment. This applies to
Cygwin-compiled executables also.

The 0x2000000 is hex for 32 MB.



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Here is a simple command sequence to apply the stacksize modification for

cd install
make DOCKBUILDFLAGS=' -Wl,--stack,0x2000000' dock

Note that the stacksize setting is done at link time; so make clean is not
necessary, and if sources get compiled then this can be ignored:
g++: --stack: linker input file unused because linking not done

According to

ulimit -s
should emit the current stacksize limit even though it cannot change that
limit.  Knowing the current limit might be useful in determining a new

For fun reading here are some stack related links:




On Sun, 18 Mar 2007, Steven Finckbeiner wrote:

> Phil: I am very hopeful that I will get this to work.
However, I am a complete noob when it comes to compiling anything.
Where would I change this, in the makefile?
Thanks for helping me with this.

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When you compile Dock for Cygwin.

I didn't want to mention another docking program on the list but Autodock 3
had heavy stack requirements. We found that it required at least 32 MB of
available stack memory.

LINK option for that was:


that the character after W is a lower case L, not the digit 1.

might have to look through the gcc help file (and maybe the ld help file.)
to find other parameters.

never had problems with Dock in this area, though I haven't been doing much
with Dock recently.


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