[Dock-fans] Re: Dock-fans Digest, Vol 33, Issue 14

Scott Brozell sbrozell at scripps.edu
Thu Mar 29 09:53:29 PST 2007


Please use a useful email subject.

On Fri, 23 Mar 2007 mauricio781 at verizon.net wrote:

> I am a new dock user. I want to do a systematic comparison of dock5 docking that I have recently done with newer dock6 version.
> I just recently upgraded my laptop. I am using a intel dual 2 core macbook pro with the tiger os x... which I am working of of (give operating system here) and I cannot find my fortran compiler g77
> the older g77 from my G5 does not seem to work.  I need to compile the dock6 accessory programs as well as dms.  please hel

Gooooogggggle is a great tool for finding gnu software.

It might be useful to investigate the failure of the older g77 from your G5,
but without details, especially the g77 version, I have no advice.


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