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Philip Crawford p.crawford at unsw.edu.au
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The g77 from your G5 would be compiling for that PowerPC processor (and
would be compiled for that), not for the Intel processor in your new Mac.
You may be able to tell it to compile for the target processor and OS. You
would have to hunt Google, man pages and other sources to get mods for the
make file.



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Please use a useful email subject.

On Fri, 23 Mar 2007 mauricio781 at verizon.net wrote:

> I am a new dock user. I want to do a systematic comparison of dock5
docking that I have recently done with newer dock6 version.
> I just recently upgraded my laptop. I am using a intel dual 2 core 
> macbook pro with the tiger os x... which I am working of of (give 
> operating system here) and I cannot find my fortran compiler g77 the 
> older g77 from my G5 does not seem to work.  I need to compile the 
> dock6 accessory programs as well as dms.  please hel

Gooooogggggle is a great tool for finding gnu software.

It might be useful to investigate the failure of the older g77 from your G5,
but without details, especially the g77 version, I have no advice.


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