[Dock-fans] some install problem about <string.h>

CAI Qixu caiqixu at gmail.com
Sun Dec 7 05:37:46 PST 2008

I installed DOCK 6.2 to Fedora 10 following the method in "DOCK 6.2 User
Manual". After I had get over the step "./configure gnu", I began to "make
all", but there were many errors exist. It said that the functions included
by the string.h, such as "strcmp" "memset" and so on, were not declared, and
the INT_MIN and INT_MAX were not defined. To fix these errors, I had to add
"#include <string.h>" to night source files, and had to define the INT_MIN
and INT_MAX.
But the next day, when I install DOCK6.2 to Cygwin in WIndows, I find it can
be compiled very well, nothing change to the source files is needed. I don't
know the reason. It's that relate to the version of gcc and g++? And I want
to know how to solve the problem when I install it in Fedora 10?
Thanks a lot.
CAI Qixu
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