[Dock-fans] editing sphere_selector

Ben Keshet keshet1 at umbc.edu
Thu Feb 7 14:37:07 PST 2008



Does anyone know if there is an easy way to slightly edit the
sphere_selector application such that the output file is not always
selected_spheres.sph, but instead is a user defined?   Does anyone know if
the contributed code Sphere_select
(http://dock.compbio.ucsf.edu/Contributed_Code/sphere_select.htm) allows the
user to name the output file?  


I want to run dock using a script that runs on several receptors and
different binding sites, and that would save me renaming the spheres files
manually.  I have only basic programming skills and knowledge, so please
take that into account if you have a suggestion for me.


Thanks for your time,


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