[Dock-fans] DOCK_sphere generation

Monisha Hajra monisha.hajra at gmail.com
Sat Feb 16 06:53:44 PST 2008

Dear all,
    I am using DOCK 1st time, running DOCK in cygwin in windows.

I am really facing problem in sphere generation and slection step.
DOCK installation was succusfully.
Command that I used for installation are as follows:
./configure gnu
make all
cd test
make clean
make test
make check

I have installed dock6 in cygwin/usr/local/dock6

and kept my prepared  protein and ligand in cygwin/home/USER/

now neither sphgen nor showspehere commnad is working, both giving command
not found, typing all these command in the folder where protein and lignad
are there.

What is the reason for not recognising the command, is the folder selection

Please help me to find a solution.


Monisha Hajra
Senior Scientist

Institute Of Computational Biology (IOCB)
#1101, OTC Road, Near Corporation Circle
Bangalore -02

080-415 71426/27
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