[Dock-fans] Is an older version of the OE Zap Toolkit still available?

khevener khevener at utmem.edu
Mon Jul 6 13:53:20 PDT 2009

Hello Dock Fans.


   I'm attempting to use Dock 6.2 with PB/SA scoring using the Zap
toolkit but I'm running into difficulties.  It seems that Dock requires
an older version of Zap that is no longer distributed (I e-mailed OE
about this, response pasted below):


"The code you downloaded is not compatible with DOCK. ZAP 2.1.1. is a
C++ library. We no longer support or distribute ZAP Library 1.0 (which
was a C library) which was compatible with DOCK"


So is ZAP Library 1.0 still available elsewhere or is there a work
around for this?  


Thanks for any assistance.


Kirk Hevener

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