[Dock-fans] make clean and "possible failure" notice, special thanks to Dr. Irwin

Rajeshwari Iyer rajeshwari.iyer2010 at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jul 7 15:06:04 PDT 2009

Respected Dr. Irwin and other friends,
I did everything the way you asked me to do. I thank you for your help. 
When I did make test I have got "passed'...as well as "possible failure". The programs were running fast, when I was trying to scroll and see the "possible failure" most of the time it goes away. (question 1) Is there any way to configure "cygwin" so that I can see the commands passing by when I scroll up. 
I have taken screen shots when I saw "possible failure", however it was very fast. I decided to do "make test"
for second time to capture more "possible failure". 
(question 2)I have taken 12 screen shots can I produce that as an attachment to forum. (question 3)Is there anyway to copy from cygwin to microsoft word.
(question 4) Main question is how important is that "possible failure" notice , how do I resolve it if its supposed to affect my docking later on.
From eye estimate around 5% of make test was showing "possible failure".
With true regards,

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