[Dock-fans] make clean and "possible failure" notice, special thanks to Dr. Irwin

John J. Irwin jji at cgl.ucsf.edu
Tue Jul 7 15:40:58 PDT 2009

Hi Rajeshwari

You can capture output like this:

make > output.txt

you can then use MS Word or other text editors to review this file.

"possible failure" can indicate small change due to different operating
system. Look at comparison file and see how different they really are.
The best test of all is to try docking yourself.


Rajeshwari Iyer wrote:
> Respected Dr. Irwin and other friends,
> I did everything the way you asked me to do. I thank you for your help.
> When I did make test I have got "passed'...as well as "possible
> failure". The programs were running fast, when I was trying to scroll
> and see the "possible failure" most of the time it goes away.
> (question 1) Is there any way to configure "cygwin" so that I can see
> the commands passing by when I scroll up.
> I have taken screen shots when I saw "possible failure", however it
> was very fast. I decided to do "make test"
> for second time to capture more "possible failure".
> (question 2)I have taken 12 screen shots can I produce that as an
> attachment to forum. (question 3)Is there anyway to copy from cygwin
> to microsoft word.
> (question 4) Main question is how important is that "possible failure"
> notice , how do I resolve it if its supposed to affect my docking
> later on.
> From eye estimate around 5% of make test was showing "possible failure".
> With true regards,
> Rajeshwari
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