[Dock-fans] "make test" , "possible failure" and its association with operating system

Rajeshwari Iyer rajeshwari.iyer2010 at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jul 7 16:41:34 PDT 2009

Respected Dr. Irwin and other friends,
Thank you. 
I see you you mentioned "possible failure" might be associated with operating system.
(question 1) I am using a pc that has Windows XP prof service pack 3 operating  system.
Intel core duo processor. Do you guys know if docking can be done in this type of system
if not (question 2) Is there any operating system for example Linux that would work with dock 6.2
I tried one type of Linux but never could do nothing. That is why may I kindly ask for exact specification of a 
computer system and the operating system its running... if I have to run dock6.2 in Linux.
(question 3) If cygwin works for me, will I be able to change source code etc. in cgwin env. or cygwin is 
simply a running envoirment. (question 4) For cygwin, I did " make test" ...before that "make"
......do I need to do "make all" or "make dock" or make utils" to do docking? 
With kind regards.

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