[Dock-fans] "make test" , "possible failure" and its association with operating system

John J. Irwin jji at cgl.ucsf.edu
Tue Jul 7 16:49:49 PDT 2009

Hello Rajeshwari

Let me try to be clearer.  Floating point (real) numbers get rounded off
differently on different processors and different operating systems. I
am not an expert in these things, but if you use anything other than an
intel ix86 running a recent linux it is not unusual to see *slight*
changes in perhaps the 6th or 7th significant figure of floating point
numbers.  Our comparison program (as I understand it) is not clever
enough to figure this out. So I suggest you just look at the output
files and see whether they look as close as you would expect given
roundoff error.


Rajeshwari Iyer wrote:
> Respected Dr. Irwin and other friends,
> Thank you.
> I see you you mentioned "possible failure" might be associated with
> operating system.
> (question 1) I am using a pc that has Windows XP prof service pack 3
> operating  system.
> Intel core duo processor. Do you guys know if docking can be done in
> this type of system
> if not (question 2) Is there any operating system for example Linux
> that would work with dock 6.2
> I tried one type of Linux but never could do nothing. That is why
> may I kindly ask for exact specification of a
> computer system and the operating system its running... if I have to
> run dock6.2 in Linux.
> (question 3) If cygwin works for me, will I be able to change source
> code etc. in cgwin env. or cygwin is
> simply a running envoirment. (question 4) For cygwin, I did " make
> test" ...before that "make"
> ......do I need to do "make all" or "make dock" or make utils" to do
> docking? 
> With kind regards.
> Rajeshwari
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