[Dock-fans] fedora for dock 6.2

Rajeshwari Iyer rajeshwari.iyer2010 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jul 10 03:45:49 PDT 2009

Hello friends,

How are you all. Dr. Irwin how are you this week.

dock 6.2 on cygwin:::
I am trying to learn use cygwin efficiently. Looking at few sites.
Any recommendations of links or sites will be appreciated
dock 6.2 on fedora 9 and fedora 10:::
I used Sun Solaris and Red hat Linux before but no idea how to
install and configure fedora 9/10 to run dock 6.2.
I would prefer booting from cd, that way I guess I can testout different versions.
Looking at few sites and forums for fedora installation. Any specific
site in this regard will be helpful.
I read dock 6.3 is coming up. Is it a bugfix version of dock 6.2 or 
enhanced version of 6.2 ? Are you guys developing and testing dock 6.3
using fedora 9 or 10.
Looking ahead and trying to on the same page with the dock developers :P
Have a nice weekend.

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