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Dear Scott,

	Is there an approximate date when you expect to release the new version, with the improvements to sampling implementations and corrections to prevent steric clashes, omitted from v.6.3?




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DOCK 6.3

This is a release of the version applied in the DOCK6 paper [1].
Recent improvements to the sampling implementation and corrections to 
prevent steric clashes that have been mentioned on the Dock-fans list
[2] are not incorporated here; they will appear in the next version
which is expected to be released soon.


1. "DOCK 6: Combining Techniques to Model RNA-Small Molecule Complexes,"
P. T. Lang, S. R. Brozell, S. Mukherjee, E. F. Pettersen, E. C. Meng, V.
Thomas, R. Rizzo, D. A. Case, T. L. James, and I. D. Kuntz, RNA, Vol. 15,
1219-1230 (2009). 

2. http://blur.compbio.ucsf.edu/pipermail/dock-fans/2009-May/002058.html


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