[Dock-fans] ragarding error in sphgen

Rameswer Lal Jajra rjajra at gmail.com
Wed Sep 30 22:19:24 PDT 2009

 When i use Write DMS tool of chimera to make rec.ms and use this file as a
input in sphgen then i found error in OUTSPH.
My OUTSPH file is

density type = X
 reading  rec.ms
type   R
 # of atoms =      0   # of surf pts =  27722
 finding spheres for   rec.ms

 dotlim =     0.000
 radmax =    4.000
 Minimum radius of acceptable spheres?
 output to

 SPHGEN: zero normal for surface point        1
program stops

can anyone plz tell me what is the solution of it.


Rameswer lal jajra
4th year Undergraduate Student,
Department of Chemistry,
IIT Bombay,Powai
Mumbai 400076, India.

Mobile: +91-9833173938
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