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Sudipto Mukherjee sudmukh at yahoo.com
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Dear Knut,

DOCK is not primarily meant for protein-protein docking; rather it is meant to predict small molecule interactions. However, I have observed good results docking in small peptides with the current development version which will be released soon as DOCK 6.4.

Sudipto Mukherjee
Graduate Student, Robert C. Rizzo Lab
Dept. of Applied Math & Statistics, Stony Brook University

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Subject: [Dock-fans] peptide docking

I am working on master theist in structural bioinformatic. I am going  
to dock a peptide with 4-5 amino acid into a protein. Is it possible  
to use dock 6 to dock a peptide and the protein in flexible manner.  
Has dock 6 participated in Capri  
http://www.ebi.ac.uk/msd-srv/capri/capri.html, and how do I read how  
well it scored.

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