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 The Grid Score = VDW component+ ES component.



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thanks for ur answer
I already go through the manual which address u suggested me.
but want to know about how i correlate the these grid, vdw and electrostaic score to each other to define the pose or at a time we have to use only one score ??


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Hi Pawan,

See the following sections of the manual:




The grid is used to speed up the energy calculation from O(n*m) where n is the number of atoms in the ligand and m is the number of atoms in the receptor to O(n*8) because you only look at the closed 8 grid points (there are 8 point on a cube).

I hope this helps,


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what is the grid score in Dock6?
what is the vander waal score in Dock6?

How grid score can correlate with electrostatics and vander wal score?

i did not find detailed information about scoring functions in DOCk6 program

thanks in advance


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