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 Hi Anu,

The first step is to compile dock.  

see the following section of the manual:


I recommend that you use the gnu compilers for now.  

cd dock6/install
./configure gnu
make clean
make all
make test

Then once you have a working executable you may want to add it to your path by editing your .bashrc or .cshrc file.

You then should try and perform some of the tutorials:




I hope this helps,

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I downloaded dock6 on my ubuntu system and all the directories are
present in dock6 folder such as bin directory, install directory,
parameters directory, src directory and tutorials. "As described in
tutorials and on websites that dock6 software should be in bin
directory with the name "Dock6" and it should be working. by this way
we can open our workspace of dock6 software."
as i have told you that i installed dock6 but when i try to open
dock6(executable) file which is present in bin directory, nothing
happen. How should I install it ?
please help me to solve this problem.
Thank You
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