[Dock-fans] showsphere

Calvin F. Cahall calvin.cahall at centre.edu
Thu Nov 8 07:22:19 PST 2012


I am having problems with the "showsphere" command working through sphere generation dock tutorial. After using the "sphgen" command to create the OUTSPH and rec.sph files, I then tried this.
$ showsphere
 Enter name of sphere cluster file:
 Enter cluster number to process (<0 = all): 1
 Generate surfaces as well as pdb files (<N>/Y)? Y
 Enter name for output PDB file name:
 Enter name for output surface file name:

 Error!  Cluster not found: 1

I read an email of someone having the same problem and the suggestion was to check the rec.sph file to ensure that the cluster name was indeed "1". I have done so as well as checked to be sure that my rec.sph file is that same as in the tutorial, which was another suggestion.
Any help would be great!


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