[Dock-fans] Question about "Getting started with DOCK 3.7"

Trent E. Balius tbalius at aol.com
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 Hi Weilin,

I have also experienced this difference, were my GPU version does not produce the "FORTRAN STOP" line.
I think that this is a compiler difference between PortlandGroup and GNU. 

One thing to consider is adding the line to the shell script dock.csh, if gnu version is used. 
Some of the analysis scripts use this line for verification that dock3.7 ran fine.

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Hi, Trent:
I have been trying the DOCK 3.7 Beta version for a while. The test case is very nice to follow. 
One more question about the PGI version dock distributed:
There is always a line of “FORTRAN STOP” after ‘TASK ID: 1’ as the last line in the file stderr.
I have compiled a gnu version which does not complain this.
HOST: iodisk
DOCK: /home/wlzhang/code/dock37/docking/DOCK/bin/dock.csh
HOST: iodisk
DOCK: /home/wlzhang/code/dock37/docking/DOCK/bin/dock.csh
Actually the result files OUTDOCK are almost the same except for format differences. 
The  tails of both files look like:
end of file encountered
Date and Time: 20140403^@ 180903.9
elapsed time (sec):       94.6700  (hour):     0.0263
end of file encountered
Date and Time: 20140409^@ 224430.8
elapsed time (sec):      108.8315  (hour):     0.0302
It is indeed faster than the gnu version.
Because we do not have a PGI compiler, I have no idea whether “FORTRAN STOP” here is a normal compiler-based ending sign or something inconsist with our system.
Our linux is:
Linux iodisk 2.6.18-308.4.1.el5 #1 SMP Tue Apr 17 17:08:00 EDT 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
Thank you for your guidanceJ

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