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Patrick Bednarski bednarsk at uni-greifswald.de
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Hi Marilyn,

I successfully install DOCK on my SGI Octane2 and Fuel machines (both IRIX 6.5.23) last year. It was a challenge but it worked. I used the SGI MIPSPRO compilers for C, C++ and fortran to compile the source code. If you have these compilers installed on your machine, then configure the compiler with the sgi option. (Compilation only works with the N32 bit option). Then read the posts from back on Aug 27, 2013, where a solution to the problem with variable array lengths is discussed.

Later I also installed a GNU compiler (ver. 4.3) and attempted make using the gnu option in the configuration.h file. However, compilation did not work due to various errors I didn't understand.

Hope this helps.

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  John – I have downloaded the program and unpacked it and am now trying to configure it for my SGI.  It is old, but I am running IRIX64, Version 6.5.  Can you please help me with how to configure the makefile for this system?  I need to know what to put in the ./configure [configuration file] line for this operating system.
  Thanks, Marilyn Smith

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  Hi Marilyn  

  We only distribute source code. I have sent your password in a separate email. 

  Good docking!


  On Tue, Jan 14, 2014 at 4:59 AM, msmith at mcdaniel.edu <msmith at mcdaniel.edu> wrote:

    Hello - you have previously given me a license for the Windows version of your program (for my laptop) but I have an old SGI in my office which I would also like to use.  Can I please have a download password for this version asap?
    Thanks, Marilyn Smith


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