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Patrick Bednarski bednarsk at uni-greifswald.de
Fri Jan 17 00:27:26 PST 2014

My MIPSpro compiler version is 7.4 from 2003.

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> Hi,
> On Thu, Jan 16, 2014 at 05:40:21PM +0100, Patrick Bednarski wrote:
>> Hi Marilyn,
>> I successfully install DOCK on my SGI Octane2 and Fuel machines (both 
>> IRIX 6.5.23) last year. It was a challenge but it worked. I used the SGI 
>> MIPSPRO compilers for C, C++ and fortran to compile the source code. If 
>> you have these compilers installed on your machine, then configure the 
>> compiler with the sgi option. (Compilation only works with the N32 bit 
>> option). Then read the posts from back on Aug 27, 2013, where a solution 
>> to the problem with variable array lengths is discussed.
>> Later I also installed a GNU compiler (ver. 4.3) and attempted make using 
>> the gnu option in the configuration.h file. However, compilation did not 
>> work due to various errors I didn't understand.
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>>   John – I have downloaded the program and unpacked it and am now trying 
>> to configure it for my SGI.  It is old, but I am running IRIX64, Version 
>> 6.5.  Can you please help me with how to configure the makefile for this 
>> system?  I need to know what to put in the ./configure [configuration 
>> file] line for this operating system.
>>   Thanks, Marilyn Smith
> Edit dock6/install/sgi and change CFLAGS to
> CFLAGS=      -LANG:std -LANG:vla=on -O2
> Then
> cd dock6/install; ./configure sgi; make; make test
> Please report the version of your compiler.
> Here is Patrick's thread:
> http://mailman.docking.org/pipermail/dock-fans/2013-August/002820.html
> scott

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