[Dock-fans] Failed Docking even after relaxing params

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Hi Amr,
To add to what Trent said:
It sounds like you are docking to multiple potential binding sites on the same protein. DOCK isn't suited for blind docking or pocket search out of the box. The anchor and grow algorithm is best suited for predicting the most favorable pose in a single site. 
However, if you wish to go ahead, I would recommend running a separate DOCK calculation for each potential pocket. Then use your own script to compile the results and pick the "best" score pose over all the runs. As a starting point, you could use the sphere clusters predicted by the sphgen program. However, for blind docking, you may get better results by using one of the many machine learning oriented ligand binding site prediction tools available.

     On Monday, November 3, 2014 11:50 AM, Trent E. Balius <tbalius at aol.com> wrote:

  Hi Amr,

To add to Sudipto's suggestions, you might also consider increasing the following parameters: 

pruning_clustering_cutoff                                    25
pruning_conformer_score_cutoff                               25.0


pruning_clustering_cutoff                                    100
pruning_conformer_score_cutoff                               100.0
This will increase sampling but might slow down your calculations.


Since you are docking to meny sites you may need to increase pruning_clustering_cutoff even more. 
See the manual:

Typically, if you want to dock to multiple sites we would suggest that you perform multiple docking runs for each site.  

DOCK is not well suited to docking to multiple sites in the same run.  

I hope that this helps,


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Hi sudipto, Thank you for your reply.Yes, there is a reason for that. I am comparing the performance of Dock to the performance of another tool that I am developing within the same search space without any sort of preference (i.e. even if it end up docking in another pocket within the same search space), for the whole test set. I will try re-dock without the bump filter and feed you back. Thanks Amr From: Sudipto Mukherjee [mailto:sudmukh at yahoo.com]
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Subject: Re: [Dock-fans] Failed Docking even after relaxing params Hi Amr, Try redocking those four complexes without the bump filter. From the verbose dock output, it looks like a lot of your partially grown conformers were pruned by the bump filter.  We typically use < 100 spheres in the binding site. Is there a reason why you are using so many spheres? Despite starting with so many spheres and consequently a very large number of cliques during anchor orienting, the flexible docking calculation stage starts with only 23,10 and 9 anchor orients for each anchor after clustering.  Regards
Sudipto Mukherjee, PhDDept. of Chemistry, Temple University1901 N 13th St, Philadelphia, PA 19122 On Monday, November 3, 2014 5:26 AM, #AMR ALI MOKHTAR ALHOSSARY# <AMRA0001 at e.ntu.edu.sg> wrote: HiWhile docking PDBbind 2014 core collection, four of the receptor-ligand complexes failed to find a suitable conformation, using the same parameter value of the application tutorial. Even after relaxing the parameters: min_anchor_size to 6, max_orientations to 50000, pruning_max_orients to 1000, pruning_clustering_cutoff to 25; four complexes fail to find any suitable conformations. They are namely 3PWW, 1NVQ, 2PQ9, 2YGE. May I have any recommendations?I am attaching the output of one of them for your reference. Amr  Best Regards, 
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