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Hi Peter,
This appears to be an error that occurs while freeing allocated memory. However, there are no clues about which part of the code this happens in. My suspicion
I would suggest you recompile DOCK from source on the same machine you are trying to run the code on with the default gnu compiler configuration file. This kind of error may result from incompatible versions of library files. Check if the error shows up again with the same set of inputs. If you need help recompiling DOCK, see here: http://dock.compbio.ucsf.edu/DOCK_6/dock6_manual.htm#Installation

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  Hello! I'm Peter, a dock user from Zhe jiang University China. Now, there's something wrong with DOCK6.7.Please help me. All the is correct . But when the work is done,  the error appears. It is shown in the accessory. "glibc detected dock6:free():invalid next size(fast):0x0000000007d62580." The file ".mol2" can not be created corrected. Please help me! Thanks!

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