[Zinc-fans] Clean druglike subset

jasmit jasmit at cadd-matters.com
Mon Mar 23 04:58:24 PDT 2009

Hi everyone


I have downloaded the clean druglike collection (subst #13) as SDFs -it
claims there are 6.2M compounds. When I concatenate SDFs - I only have 3M
cpds?? Any help? Also is it possible to obtain property & suppliers files in
tab delimited txt format or any suggestions how to convert such a large xls
file to txt?


Many Thanks




Dr Jasmit Kaur

3 Glenmere Close


CB1 8EF 


T: 07792562675

E:  <mailto:jasmit at cadd-matters.com> jasmit at cadd-matters.com

W:  <http://www.cadd-matters.com/> www.cadd-matters.com


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