[Zinc-fans] Metabolites..

Narender Singh Maan nsmaan at gmail.com
Thu Oct 1 08:39:36 PDT 2009

Dear Members, I am interested in downloading metabolite databases (both
humans and 'all-others' like plants etc.) and was wondering if someone has
created a subset (or in process of..) in ZINC database for it. It seems to
be really spreadout on various websites (like HMDB-canada, KEGG-japan,
Metlin-scripps, MMCD-UMich. etc..) and quite unfriendly for the
computational people who simply wants to download them in *.sdf or other
related extensions [though many of these websites are very good for those
who wants to study 1 or 2 or just few compounds..]. It would be very useful
if all can be combined and placed together in ZINC.
In any case, if someone is aware of such link (if it has already been done)
please let me know.
Thank you
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