[Zinc-fans] purchasing info for "all purchasable" subset

marc marc at plasmodium.sfsu.edu
Wed Oct 21 21:35:29 PDT 2009

Dear Zinc Fans List (and as always, John Irwin)

Wondering how up-to-date the "6_purch.xls" file is (containing the 
purchasing information for
the "all-purchasable" subset, and maybe other subsets). 

Why I ask:   I've found a number of hits from "Aurora Feinchemie", and 
it turns out that this
company is pretty much useless for obtaining chemicals.    They don't 
answer emails, they
don't respond to phone calls, as far as I know, the company doesn't 
actually exist.

Anyway, many of their chemicals apparently are also available from 
"ChemDiv" but I was
only able to see this by the "browse" function on the ZINC website.  
(I.e. the 6_purch.xls file only
shows that the compounds are available from Aurora).

Here are at least two examples where 6_purch.xls is not right, and 
doesn't list ChemDiv,
but where the ZINC website has more useful information.  I have handfuls 
of other examples.

I am assuming/hoping that "6_purch.xls" is just out of date, and might 
be updated sometime
soon?  Thanks for any thoughts on this.  (I can't remember if someone 
else brought this up
recently in ZincFans). 


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