This page contains bug fixes for the appropriate release of DOCK. The short descriptions should help you determine which fixes are relevant. Each bug fix contains a description of the problem and the recommended patch.

Each bugfix.X file contains context diffs. The format of these is:

***old version


---new version


where three lines of unmodified code are included before and after each modified section. Changed lines are denoted by a '!', added lines by a '+', and deleted lines by a '-'. These diffs contain sufficient information to fix things by hand. If you have the "patch" program installed, the patch can be applied using the following commands:

%cp file_to_be_patched file.BAK
%patch -c file_to_be_patched patchfile

NOTE FOR WINDOWS USERS: If the Cygwin Devel module was installed, the "patch" program is included.

6.11 bugfixes

6.10 bugfixes

6.9 bugfixes

6.8 bugfixes

6.7 bugfixes

6.6 bugfixes

6.5 bugfixes

6.4 bugfixes

6.3 bugfixes

6.2 bugfixes

6.1 bugfixes

6.0 bugfixes